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About us

Inspired by Italian elegance<br /> and Munich charm
Inspired by Italian elegance
and Munich charm
Since 1953, the L.Credi Munich brand has represented accessories that exclusively combine tradition and innovation, timeless classicism and modern Zeitgeist. The name L.Credi Munich stands for the highest standards in design, material and workmanship quality as well as for binding values and living visions. A congenial combination of Italian design, German precision, Munich tradition and the desire for fashionable living.
Timelessness and elegance are the two main features of the design. The versatile collection pays homage to feminine all-round talents. Styles that look powerful and modern at the same time. The emphasis is on lightness in design and materials. The result: a self-confident, functional and urban collection. The look is classic, chic and modern and is predestined for a fresh and confident appearance. Light but also strong colours are ideally suited to the Zeitgeist, while varied silhouettes enhance everyday looks.
The models are developed in collaboration with Italian designers and are made with a lot of creativity, dedication and attention to detail. It is the attention to design and trend, the quality of the leather goods and materials as well as an always well thought-out and organised interior that make these handbags so special. The L.Credi Munich philosophy in one sentence: smart with a touch of casual, urban and international. Fashion is diversity // or: smart with a touch of tradition, urban and international. Fashion is diversity.
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